Shifts so radical,

they must be magickal!


The Shift Witch

Compassionate Guidance

I have mentored and coached awakening souls through their journeys for over 15 years. My ability to use Earth Energy to heal arose early in childhood as a pathway out of abuse. I would communicate with the Earth around me, especially the trees, which would offer unconditional love and support. I learned to reach for this healing in times of need, and to eventually direct it through my body to help others. I was eventually led to teaching, where I have the opportunity to affect many lives in a positive and empowering way.

I also possess a strange memory condition called Severely Deficient Biographical Memory. It means that I do not remember as others do, in full replay as themselves, but rather in still moments in third person (if at all). At first, I was devastated. After all, I don't remember my own wedding, But through time, I realized it was actually a beautiful gift. This allows me to truly live in the moment and be fully present. What this means for my coaching is that our time spent together is all in service of you and your experiences, rather than ones I may have had. There is no reminiscing or remembering happening to interrupt your time. I am fully there for you.

Beyond that, I am always strengthening my connection to the Earth and the Divine during my daily meditation practice. I incorporate Middle Eastern dance, Yoga, and Poi spinning into my movement practice because I love variety and learning new things. I'm also a huge nerd, a fantastic hugger, and a crystal and pen hoarder. I can't wait to get to know you better! Read more...

Compassionate Coaching 

with The Shift Witch


Tired of that inner critic that won't shut up?

Sick of the self-doubt?

Is your path even out there?

You've taken endless classes on Spirituality, Astrology, Witchcraft, Buddhism, Reiki, Tapping, etc...


Yeah, me too.

It didn't work for me either

I was looking in the wrong place

I was looking outside for something that existed inside

I know my path now because I finally listened and let my

heart, intuition, body, and spirit lead instead of the other way around.

I learned how to truly love myself, and the love lit up the way for me. 

And now I know how to gently guide you towards your path.

You're going to have to work for it though. This won't be easy. But it will be worth it.

Are you ready? Really ready this time?


Let's do this!


I enjoy working with Jamie, whether it be belly dancing, spirituality or even simply conversations to achieve wisdom. Sometimes, it takes the eyes of another to really see what is happening and in some things, [she has] been my second eyes. I have learned a lot from [her] including how to feel good about myself both physically as well as spiritually, and I have learned how to not only accept change, but actually embrace it.

Raven S.

Even in a different state, this amazing woman is still able to impact my life for the better. I didn't know my breathing could become so seamless until this past hour. That yoga class was a change of pace in these crazy times. Thank you so much for sharing that peace with me!

Katie B.

I took private, one-to-one belly dance lessons with Jamie and it was a very rewarding experience. I was a beginner who had little rhythm, but loved the music and the costumes. Jamie was very passionate about dance and was so patient with me, she repeated the moves until I was able to follow. She provided an environment where I felt safe and was never judged for my lack of skills or the fact that I was much older. I would highly recommend Jamie in any endeavor she pursues, as I know she will give it her whole heart and mind.

Jana D.

Jillian S.


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