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Nerdy? Check! Forever weirdo? Yes! Book lover? Hid in my bed with a flashlight as a kid. Any of this sound familiar?


Before I knew these things, before I embraced who I was, before I knew that being different was a gift, there was abandonment and abuse. They were my first, painful teachers. I escaped the screaming house to climb trees and find silence and strength. I sobbed into my headphones reading my 16th birthday card detailing how I was never wanted on this Earth. I hid inside of my books when the world called me fat. 

Then I found a magical place...a college full of women who had the same hurts, the same stories, the same wants and dreams that I had. We built one another up and grew ourselves into mighty trees that could not be blown over so easily. I learned that women can and do support and lift one another up. 

And that it wasn't just a fluke of time and place.

It is something that can be created at any time, with any person who is willing to dig into those deep shadows and uncover what is keeping her less than what she could be. I create that space and those opportunities to lift up out of the past through all of the work I do, whether it's a 5-month program like Wholly Shifted, or a one hour Bellydance class. I help you deal with the inner and outer critics that have taken away your voice. I invite you to move your body in ways that help you rediscover her. I open pathways for your mind to be more open to the world around you. 

This can and has happened my whole life since college. I have learned that to lead with love and to be open to possibility are the greatest gifts you can give yourself. I have delved ever deeper into the early encounter with the Earth's healing Energy and now direct it not only through my own body, but through singing bowls and elemental wands as well. I became a Reiki Master and EFT/TFT practitioner in order to discover even more ways to help heal others. Then my lifelong love of Yoga transformed into certification, and then into further pursuit of a Yoga Therapy Certification. I pursue methods of healing others as a way to expand myself. I won't claim to be a fully realized being, because at the end of the day, I'm still inhabiting a human body. But the difference is, I've come to appreciate, love, and nurture that home for the time I am here. And the best part is that I then get to share that knowledge and help heal the world one human at a time. For that is the only way forward. One loving heart at a time.


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