Loving Yourself by the Moon


Inner voice won’t shut up? Stuck in self-doubt? Wondering if you’re crazy for feeling this way? You are NOT alone. Find your circle and find yourself. 

Why a circle? Because like the round table of Arthurian legend, a circle means we are all equal in our feelings, experiences, and support of one another.


During the course, we will work in our Circle with the Moon’s energy to release self-doubt, inner critical voices, and self-sabotage so that you build confidence and truly fall in love with all that you are.


We will do this through live meetings. No recordings so that everyone feels completely comfortable being in that moment and sharing what is needed. The meetings will be held on or within a day of the New and Full Moons. There will also be a completely optional Facebook group for the times in between. Finally, you will be partnered with another person in the circle for those “world on fire” moments when you need someone to witness you right in that moment.

My job is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can explore, release, and grow. I will offer tools to help move through the tough spots. I will celebrate your successes. I will cry with you through your frustrations. Mostly, I will be sending you so much love that you will feel it all day, every day. You will believe in the beautiful, amazing human that you are and fall in love with yourself because of it.

This container opens on October 31st with that big blue full moon and closes for the January 28th full moon. Join the entire three month journey for just $222. Love yourself.

Have more questions before you dive in? Email me at moonwitch@theshiftwitch.com

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