Witchy Watercolors


I work with your energy and intentions to create a personalized sigil or shapes, which I then enhance with watercolors in whatever way I feel called to based on your energy and the keywords from our session. 

We begin with a 15 minute meeting that allows me to get a feel for your energy and allows you to set an intention or even a specific word that you want the sigil to represent. 

Once you receive your Witchy Watercolor, you can hang it on the wall as an affirmation, use it to charge water or your magickal tools and crystals, or even create your own art over top of it to imbue it with a magickal base!

The cost for an 8x10 size on thick art board is $50 and includes the 15 minute session and shipping costs.


The cost for a 5.5 x 8.5 is $40 and includes the 15 minutes session and shipping costs.


Samples that are pictured here cost $20 and include shipping. Any sample can be made into a larger sized watercolor.


I'm so excited to create your Witchy Watercolor!

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